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Colors Miss N Choose

As part of the “sweetener” for Miss N’s move to the downstairs bedroom and upcoming sister to share it with, I offered to paint the new room for her.  We’ve perused the Benjamin Moore colors on-line, but early this afternoon we looked at the paint chips in person and bought the paint!

She selected very pretty, pastel colors.

Miss N’s side is blue and Miss X’s side is pink, with a strip of purple down the middle.  Miss N would also like some clouds on her side and a big sun on the ceiling (hmm …. a challenge, but I’m sure we can meet it :-)).  We’ve agreed that tomorrow we will pile all her “stuff” into the middle of the room and wash down the walls (I can see greasy handprints on them from when Mr. C slept in there and apparently would put handprints on the wall after lubing himself up with Aquafor at night — they gotta come off so the paint will stick :-)).

It was kind of fun.  It’s a bit expensive, but I really like the Benjamin Moore paint and I’ve always bought it at the local (i.e., tiny and family owned) hardware store (paint brushes and what-not, though, I do get from Home Depot or another box store).  The owner remembers when I came in buying paint to paint Miss N’s room while I was waiting to bring her home … the circle of life. :-)  I bought paint and painted before Mr. N came home, too.

Maybe tonight while watching BritComs, we’ll shop Etsy and allposters.com for wall decals.  Miss X has requested a small elephant, horse, and little bird on her side (too funny, the request is so wonderfully specific … I think I’m adopting another rather opinionated child) and when I was browsing around for those items months ago, I came across some cool meadow and flower type decals that I think Miss N might like to go with the outdoor theme she has chosen for her side of the room.


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