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An Exciting Start to the Day

I made my train easily. My sitter showed up on time and sans kids and I had arranged for a car service, so I did not have to deal with parking in Trenton at 4 am.

Currently, somewhere between Trenton and Philly, we are stopped. The conductor very slowly and carefully pulled up aside another Amtrak train (it involved quite a bit of delicate forward and back movement), also stopped in the middle of the tracks. There is a great deal of clanking happening and I believe they are laying down a gangway across the two foot gap from out train doors to the doors of the other train. They are going to load those 200 people onto our train. Right here, in the middle of the tracks. We weren’t given any explanation other than “due to police activity.”

It is all quite exciting.

I’m not sure the annual meeting of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) can live up to this pretty interesting start of my trip (and I am also going to be quite late).

Neat. I think I’ve got the best seat, apparently the door I can see and hear is the only one with the gangway, as they are sending everyone from the other train to the last car to start to fill in seats.

The conductors are having a hard time getting folks to move to the back of the train, so we’ll see how that works out or them. I am getting nasty looks for sitting down while everyone walks on by.

On a side note, this train has WiFi.

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