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Going To Go and Get My Little Girl

Daddy and I are hoping to leave on 8/15.

We need to be in Xi’an on 8/19 and could receive Miss X as early as 8/19, though 8/20 is also likely.

Consulate appointment is 8/28 and my guide picks up Miss X’s Chinese passport with her US visa in it on 8/29 from the US consulate in Guangzhou.  Hoping to take the train or a van from Guangzhou to Hong Kong on the night of 8/29 and catch a flight home on 8/30.

Daddy is working on the flights to and from China.  Tomorrow, I’ll work on getting us some tourist activities and a guide in Beijing and the  flight to Xi’an.

Plus, a gazillion and one appointments for Miss X upon arrival home.

OMG … I need my list!!!!!

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