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Blog is Moving

My dears, the blog has moved: http://www.sweetestchaos.com/blog

Clearly, lifewith3.com will not cut it anymore and it is time to move on.

For those who worry about such things, I still own the domain and am not getting rid of the content here (at least not yet) and I promise I’ll take some snapshots before I delete it all.

All of the posts and images and what not have moved to the new location … me, WordPress, and MySQL had to tussle it out, but I won.

The new blog will be responsive … mobile first, even.  It’s getting there, not really there yet (well, besides the home page).  It still needs tweaks (e.g., the dates aren’t working like I want and there is way more junk at the bottom of the blog than I want), but the content is there and the rest is just fun stuff for me to work on as I have time (which is probably going to be around Christmas vacation in 2013 :-)).

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